[python-win32] excelRTDServer demo not working

Kevin O'Connor kevin at koconnor.net
Fri Mar 14 02:09:10 CET 2008


I've downloaded pywin32-210.zip and installed it on my "Windows XP
Professional" machine.  I've been trying to get the demo
com/win32com/demos/excelRTDServer.py to work, but have not had
success.  I'm using MS Excel 2003.

When I add a cell in Excel (with
=RTD("Python.RTD.TimeServer","","seconds","5")) I get a cryptic "#N/A".

When I run the excelRTDServer program it states that it has
successfully registered.  I can instantiate an object of
"Python.RTD.TimeServer" from the win32com ide.  I can register with
"--debug" and see trace messages when I instantiate it from win32com
ide.  However, when I launch Excel with the above cell formula, I
don't see any trace messages at all.

I have disabled security on macros in Excel.

Any ideas?  Can anyone confirm if the demo works elsewhere?

Thanks in advance,

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