[python-win32] Reading events from event logs using wmi

Daren Russell darenr at madaboutcable.com
Wed Mar 19 10:46:41 CET 2008


I've been having a look at the wmi module in the hope of being able to 
read the event logs of a windows server and save them as a standard text 
file for archival purposes.

However, the only method I can see is the BackupEventLog method.  I kind 
of figured if I opened the log, and did a for loop through it I could 
read each event logged - this doesn't seem to be the case ;-) (or I'm 
being a bit dumb ;-) )

Is it possible to read individual events from an already written log 
file using this module?  If there is a documented method (I've found the 
watcher method, but do not want this) then all pointers to relevant 
documentation (or snippets of code!) appreciated.


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