[python-win32] Using .chm files.

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Are you just interested to launch the chm file to see the help content? Or are you using
context sensitive reference? Launching is as simple as using shellexecute , the *.chm files will be launched correctly as though as you are double clicking on it...

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  Im in need of using a .chm help file where .hlp help fines are curretly being used..
  Winhelp() method is used for opening .hlp files.. Mine is a win32 applicatio... How could I make use of HTMLHelp() method in Win32.. Is there any specific headers and libs that I will have to include..
  Or is there any or method that can be used...? Experts gve me user inputs pls... Let me also know the headers and libs that shold be used if there is any other method to do this...

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