[python-win32] Using .chm files.

niki niki at vintech.bg
Mon Mar 24 09:14:42 CET 2008

Arun v n wrote:
> Im in need of using a .chm help file where .hlp help fines are curretly 
> being used..
> Winhelp() method is used for opening .hlp files.. Mine is a win32 
> applicatio... How could I make use of HTMLHelp() method in Win32.. Is 
> there any specific headers and libs that I will have to include..
> Or is there any or method that can be used...? Experts gve me user 
> inputs pls... Let me also know the headers and libs that shold be used 
> if there is any other method to do this...

     url = 'some.html'
     chm = os.path.join(base, lang, 'raskroy.chm')
     import win32help
     h = win32help.HtmlHelp(0, chm, 0, url)


Niki Spahiev

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