[python-win32] Looking for python-win32 version of EasyGUI

Thomas Heller theller at ctypes.org
Sat Feb 7 22:55:19 CET 2009

Robin Becker schrieb:
> Chaim Krause wrote:
>> I have an very small application that uses a single multichoicebox from 
>> EasyGUI. Because of the limitations of tkinter, I cannot get a single 
>> exe file using py2exe.
>> I was wondering if anybody had created something similar to EasyGUI, but 
>> using python-win32. The idea being that I could replace the 
>> multichoicebox from EasyGUI with one that uses the win32 API instead so 
>> that I could get a single exe from py2exe.
>> Can anybody point me in the right direction where I might find such a 
>> thing?
>> Thank you,
>> Chaim
> ......
> some info here might be of use
> http://ginstrom.com/scribbles/2008/02/26/python-gui-programming-platforms-for-windows/#Win32

Or this one, by Jimmy Retzlaff?



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