[python-win32] ReadDirectoryChangesW

Eric Blade blade.eric at gmail.com
Wed Feb 18 12:56:03 CET 2009

hi all.. sorry, i haven't been able to get back here, we've had a
bunch of issues in life (work, car death, children, etc) and i haven't
been able to spend a lot of time working on this ..

was there anything obvious that i'm doing with the Windows calls?
that's the only place that I can figure out that might be causing the
issue, is either (a) the system call itself is unreliable (b) python's
version is unreliable or most likely (c) i'm calling something
incorrectly, or expecting/processing the results incorrectly

i've been trying to get a standalone version of the code to work, but
i can't seem to get anything that doesn't just spew errors, so far.
but, then, i've only had about 15 minutes since my last message to
dink around with it .. so, i'm going to try to mess with it some more
in what little time i do find, and hope maybe someone glances at it,
and goes "like duh, it's right here."  :D


 - Eric

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