[python-win32] Help required in opening a remote file in python. [SEC=PERSONAL]

Andrew MacIntyre Andrew.MacIntyre at acma.gov.au
Mon Feb 23 08:45:03 CET 2009

> Hello all, I am writing an application where I need to open a shared 
> file on a remote machine using python script. I tried using the 
> following function: f =
> urllib.open("\\remote_machine\\folder1\\file1.doc") I also tried using

> class urllib.FancyURLopener(...) but didn't work.
> Can some one help me in this regard. Thank you in advance, Venu

If it's a shared file on a Windows network (which I'm inferring),
provided you have the necessary access permissions, use
    open("\\\\remote_machine\\share\\folder\\file", "r")
Note that UNC names do require a double backslash to start...

Its often easier to read as
    open(r"\\remote_machine\share\folder\file", "r")

If you really must open it via urllib, then try

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