[python-win32] NT service and login prompt

le dahut le.dahut at laposte.net
Wed Feb 25 11:54:51 CET 2009

After some investigations, I finally found a solution :

In this list you can add your proper group, assign your service to the 
group. Windows will start services by group following the order they 
appear in "List".

To make the service start before logon screen :
  * activate "SyncForegroundPolicy" to make windows wait for the network 
to be up before showing logon screen
  * put a new group "mygroup" in ServiceGroupOrder:List, the correct 
place seems to be between :
  * configure service to be member of "mygroup" :
	'sc config myservice group= mygroup' (note the space between equal sign 
and "mygroup")

Beside to that it is necessary to use
at the correct place otherwise windows will think service has started 
while in fact it has not finished to.

Hope this helps, I spend a couple of hours to find this solution, it is 
not well documented on msdn.

Maybe this for search engine :
wait service start logon screen login screen
wait NT service

le dahut wrote :
> Hello,
> Is it possible to tell windows to wait a python service has started 
> before the login prompt is displayed ?
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