[python-win32] Windows Service and APPDATA for AUTO startup

Jim Vickroy Jim.Vickroy at noaa.gov
Wed Jan 7 03:22:48 CET 2009

Tim Roberts wrote:
> Jim Vickroy wrote:
>> Tim Roberts wrote:
>>> Is this a custom account you created?  Does it actually have a profile
>>> (C:\Documents and Settings\Custom User\Application Data)?  
>> Yes, that folder does exist.  When started manually (with that
>> account) the Service works;  the Service fails, as noted above, when
>> started automatically after reboot.
> Right.  Boot-start services do not get environment variables.  Those
> aren't set until session manager runs, which (I believe) doesn't happen
> until login.
> You might consider creating an HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry entry to hold
> the path, then shove the proper value into the registry when the service
> is installed.  Installation should happen during a session.  Don't use
> HKEY_CURRENT_USER, because that doesn't exist until after login, either.
OK, that explains it.  Thank-you very much for your assistance. -- jv
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