[python-win32] Serial port permissions

Steve Cody stevecody at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 08:37:41 CET 2009

I have an application monitoring and decoding data that arrives at a serial
port. I'm using pyserial and everything works fine under Linux.

When I attempt to run it on Windows, however, I am denied access to the
serial port. The Windows machine is on a corporate domain with all the usual
paranoid profile restrictions. I haven't yet tried it on a Windows PC
running as admin, or not on a domain (I suspect that there will not be a

The serial port works just fine with Hyperterminal and other installed

Has anyone come across this before?
Are there any alternative serial port libraries that would work?
Where should I start in an effort to identify and overcome the root problem?

I recognise that it is a bit difficult to diagnose much without the exact
error messages. This installation is on a remote island with very little IT
support and limited communications and NO, I can't take you there to help me
sort it out :)

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