[python-win32] Pb SxS for install

Michel Claveau mc at mclaveau.com
Fri Jan 30 09:58:25 CET 2009


I hope you understand me, and my very bad english.

- For tests, I use virtual computers (Virtualbox), and I restore the 
test-machine between each test.

- I try on a:  Vista-home-premium (like "new, taken out of factory") + IE-8 
rc1 ; french versions

- With the same conditions as yesterday, your new installer 
(pywin32-212.7.win32-py2.6.exe) run OK. But, after, it's my softwares who 
have SxS problem!!!

- With your (special)  Python26.dll copied in %windir%\system32, it is same.

- But, it is OK if:
        - I deactivate UAC,
        - re-install (repair)  Python 2.6.1  (that keep your Python26.dll in 
and, bizarre, if I re-activate UAC, all run OK, then...  (all problems 
solved, including "Python-dll-CRT-90")

I continue some tests. I will try :
  - first installs with UAC deactivated prior.
  - reboot after copy the Python26.dll (with and without UAC)
  - run all install/copy/configure under Admin, and under single user
  - test with Windows-7 and XP (I have anothers virtual computers)
  - etc.

Thank you for yours contributions, and have a good day.
Michel Claveau

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