[python-win32] about thre return value from pycom server

winterTTr winterttr at gmail.com
Mon May 18 05:31:09 CEST 2009

I recently write a com server as shell extension .
And ,  i want to implement a interface call "IQueryInfo"
which you can find some information about it via MSDN .
As I can't find it the pythoncom , i implement it using the
TypeLibrary as following lines.

		helpstring("IQueryInfo Interface"),
	interface IQueryInfo : IUnknown
        HRESULT GetInfoFlags ([out] long * pdwFlags);
        HRESULT GetInfoTip([in] long dwFlags , [out] wchar_t ** ppwszTip);

and implement the interface function as follow

# it is a member function of a class
def GetInfoFlags(self ):
    return 0

when i run the code , the program ( which is explore.exe ) crashed ,
my god ! 0_0

i analyze the win32com code , and find that the program crashed when
running the code
in [universal.py] as follow :
WriteFromOutTuple(retVal, meth._gw_out_args, argPtr)

As i know , this function may write the return value to caller of the
com server .

As the interface defined , maybe i show return a pointer of long as
return value , not
long itself. So "return 0" may cause the access violation.

Question is :
how can i deal with this case ? I don't know how to return a long
pointer to the caller in py code.
or may be there is another way to solve this problem , any advise ? Thx.

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