[python-win32] 2010 com addin and IRibbonExtensibilty

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Thu Dec 9 00:05:52 CET 2010

Christian K. wrote:

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Hi Christian,

As promised, attached please find a sample program for accessing the 
Office Ribbon from Python.  A couple notes:

1)    The program I've written is for Excel; if you want Outlook you'll 
need to change the registration code, but this shouldn't be a big deal!

2)    I'd appreciate it if you'll let me know whether the Tag attribute 
in the callback can be read.  This is the problem I mentioned in my 
initial response.  Just let me know the contents of the second message 
box after clicking the button in Office.

3)    If you get into this and have to start writing XML, you might want 
to pick up a copy of "Ribbon X: Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon."  
It's written from a VBA perspective but has a lot of info on the Ribbon 
controls, their attributes and callbacks.  If there are errors in the 
XML, Excel silently ignores it, not adding anything to the ribbon.

Hope this helps.

Robert Kaplan
robert2682 at veriozn.net
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