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yes, I am using 64 bit vista. and I am using py2exe to distribute my app. At the moment I'm dead in the water unti lI resolve this issue. Does anyone know of a quick fix?

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Dave Angel wrote:
> 2) Are you running a 64bit version of Vista?

Yes, he is.  The path "Program Files (x86)" is prima facie evidence of
this.  He's running 32-bit Python on a 64-bit system.  And that's just fine.

> 3) What do you mean by "compile" and "compiled executable"?

It means he has used something like "py2exe" to turn his Python code
into an executable.

This is a real problem, and one that pywin32 probably needs to address. 
On Vista and beyond, the "Program Files" directories are not writable by
non-elevated programs.  The win32com-generated wrappers need to go
somewhere else, like "Local Settings\Temp" or "Local Settings\Apps".

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