[python-win32] Win API call to display a BMP/PNG file as a splash screen for a console app? [SEC=PERSONAL]

Andrew MacIntyre Andrew.MacIntyre at acma.gov.au
Tue Mar 23 01:36:19 CET 2010

Is it possible to draw directly to the desktop?  I vaguely recall reading somewhere that that is how some splash screens are done to avoid the overhead of a window...

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> > Thanks for the wxPython code. My reason for wanting to avoid wxPython
> > (and pyQt) is that I don't want to ship the wxPython framework just to
> > display a splash screen. I believe this might triple the size of my
> > PY2EXE generated executables - not a worthwhile tradeoff for a
> > cosmetic feature like a splash screen.
> Well, you're going to need a framework of some kind.  It's possible you
> could make it smaller by using Tkinter, but displaying a bitmap requires
> creating a window, and creating a window means you have to have a
> message dispatch loop and window procedure, just like a full GUI
> application.
> There's really no other way.
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