[python-win32] Trying to make use of pyAudiere

Jacob Kruger banditza at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 15:57:35 CEST 2011


>From within either the interpreter, or from within my own .py files, it always seems to complain about importing (internally) numpy.core.multiarray module, but on the second import call to audiere itsself, it's fine, and works well enough.

However, when I then try to build the code into a sort of redistributable .exe file, I get notified that:
MSVCP90.dll no such file or directory

That is however one of the files under the MS VCRT subfolder in the dist subdirectory that none of the other, copied setup.py files used for py2exe complain about, so sort of assuming it has something to do with a referral to a version from within audiere or something.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has made real use of pyAudiere, or something else similar enough/simple enough, without similar issues?

Basically I just would like to get hold of a relatively platform independent module to let me preferably play, pan and manipulate the playback of a couple of different audio file types, but even if limited to only clean .wav files that would still be better than nothing, but anyway...?

Have also looked into pygame, but it's got a lot more in it than I really need/want, and it's also given me some minor issues relating to trying to then build redistributable executables, etc., and this one really/honestly seems more suitable/more like what I actually want it for.

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