[python-win32] Opening, Modifying, and Saving an Excel File from Python?

Little Guy the_little_guy at gmx.com
Tue Aug 23 15:32:15 CEST 2011

Mr. Roberts,

 I tried your suggestion about the varialble.quit() usage but still get the same results.

 What normally happens is that I open up the excel file, and make it visible. I then try to populate two cells,
 at the last row + 1 with text, then try to save, close and quit. What occurs is that, either, sharing violations
 occur, and the script crashes, or another instance of excel pops up, with a save dialog box, asking to save
 with a random filename generated by the OS, I presume. Yesterday, I noted that there were over 15 of these
 randome filenames saved in the directory of the exce file, but all lacking an .xls extension. This occured
 eventhough, I chose not to save the excel file when the save dialog window came up. 

 No matter what I do, the workbook does not close and quit, silently saving all changes, it either crashes or
 aks to save the file, providing a different filename. 

 Thanks for the reply,

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 Little Guy
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