[python-win32] Getting Started

Tony Wallace tony at tony.gen.nz
Wed Mar 23 03:02:02 CET 2011

Hi everyone

I am trying to develop a python application for the windows platform.  As
such occasionally I do need to interact with the operating system.  I am
using windows XP.

I have in the past tried to use python tools with windows, but for some
reason that escapes me, they all seem to require ancient versions of
Microsofts C compiler, which I don't have.

Am I doing something wrong?  Is there somewhere I can get this?  When I was
programming in foxpro I could "DECLARE" an external reference to the
operating system and then "CALL" the required functions.  Does Python
support simply calling Win32 functions?

I have spent a bit of time trying to do something that should be relatively
simple and I am getting frustrated at my lack of progress.

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