[python-win32] vb errors from Python COM object now include the traceback lines

Lloyd Kvam python at venix.com
Thu Apr 19 22:32:08 CEST 2012

I am upgrading an old windows application from Python 2.4 to Python 2.6.
The application is written in portable Python.  A GUI interface was
created by using Visual Basic (VB 6) and a Python module that wraps the
application as a COM object.

With python 2.4 (and pywin32-210) exceptions resulted in a VB ERR object
where the description was the text from the Python exception.

With python 2.6 (and pywin-217) the description includes the traceback
making the error messages hopelessly confusing to the user.

I could not find any documentation describing the change or offering any
configuration clues.  Comparing the win32com source trees has not
helped.  I could not find a change in the Python code relating to the
traceback appearing in the descriptions.

I am hoping one of you can point me in the right direction.  My
alternative appears to be (painfully) writing some VB code to discard
the traceback lines from  Err.Description.

Lloyd Kvam
Venix Corp

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