[python-win32] Win32api install problem

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Mon Apr 30 09:42:06 CEST 2012

On 30/04/2012 08:03, Aravind Kamble wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to install pywin32-217 for the first time on my Windows 7 64
> bit machine. I have following installed on my machine,
> Python 2.7.3
> MS Windows SDK for Windows 7 (7.1)
> Downloaded pywin32-217 from sourceforge
> When I run the setup.py as below 
> c:\pywin32-217\python setup.py install
> I am getting following error
> Building pywin32
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "setup.py", line 2428, in <module>
>     ] +
>   File "setup.py", line 2224, in convert_data_files
>     raise RuntimeError("No files match '%s'" % file)
> RuntimeError: No files match 'pythonwin\pywin\*.cfg'
> There are two .cfg files (default.cfg and IDLE.cfg) under pythonwin\pywin\. 
> Please help how to get rid of this error and continue with installation.

Do you have / want to build from source? If not, download one
of the binaries from Sourceforge and use that. If you do need
to build from source, you'll have to patch the setup.py in
the pywin32 sourceball to add a parameter anchor=0 to the calls
to include_pattern and exclude_pattern within the convert_data_files

(I was just about to get in touch with Mark H and offer a patch but
I won't have time to do the mechanics until this afternoon at the

FWIW this is due to a recent-ish change to distutils which fixed a
longstanding bugette. The effect was to tighten up the action of
include|exclude_pattern calls so that they don't match against
directory strings unless anchor is set to 0.

Again, though, unless you *want* to build from source, you can just
download a binary build.


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