[python3-ldap] python3-ldap v 0.4.2-alpha released

python3ldap python3ldap at gmail.com
Mon Jul 29 23:10:14 CEST 2013

Hello everybody,
I've release version 0.4.2-alpha of python3-ldap with autoReferral option.

As specified in RFC 4511 and in RFC 4516 now the ldap3 client will follow
referrals, All you have to do is define a list of valid referrals in the
Server object in the allowedReferralHosts (or an '*' if you want to allow
for any referral). List objects are tuples composed of a server address and
a boolean. If the boolean is True the client will bind to referrals using
the same authentication credential of original server, if False it will try
only anonymous bind.

For example to allow only server 192.168.:
server = Server('server1.mydomain.com', 389, allowedReferralHosts = [('
server2.mydomain.com', True), ('server3.untrusteddomain.com', False))

You can also set a "autoReferral" boolean in the Connection object to
activate or deactivate referrals management for the whole connection.

Have fun,
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