[python3-ldap] Python3-ldap 0.6.1-beta released. Experimental support for Python 2!

python3ldap python3ldap at gmail.com
Sun Sep 29 17:09:50 CEST 2013

Hello everybody,
I've release version 0.6.1-beta of python3-ldap client library.
I've been working on compatability with python2.
The library now can be installed on python2 (via pypi, as usual) and
it should work without any problem (at least it worked for me on
There is no detection of python version inside the library, I've
modified the code so that it can run in python3 or python2 without any
hassle. There is no branch of code to be executed in different version
of the interpreter, so the codebase should be easily mantained.

When running on Python2 there is still no unicode support, but all the
remaing features should be ok.

Let me know if this is working for you too.

Have fun,

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