[python3-ldap] RFC 2696

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Mon Oct 14 23:19:17 CEST 2013

Hello Joseph,
you should be able to send the request using either the sync or async
strategy. The problem is how to build the "payload" of the control
value: according to rfc you must  create a searchControl Value of the
following format:

realSearchControlValue ::= SEQUENCE {
        size            INTEGER (0..maxInt),
                                -- requested page size from client
                                -- result set size estimate from server
        cookie          OCTET STRING

You should be able to do that using the pyasn1 module included in the
library but I must admit it''s not so easy to do it. I try to create a
specific function of the connection object for handling the paged
search in one of the next release of python3-ldap. Can you tell me
which ldap server are you using and the parameter of the search so I
can replicate it in my lab?

Have fun,

2013/10/14 Joseph L. Casale <jcasale at activenetwerx.com>:
> How does one implement this rfc in a search? I would be grateful if I could see an example
> of how the control list has a tuple formatted?
> With a synchronous search method, does the means by which the results are then utilized
> change or will all the results be accumulated before and passed on? Does the async method
> change in any way?
> Thanks!
> jlc
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