[python3-ldap] Python3-ldap 0.7.1 released!

python3ldap python3ldap at gmail.com
Sat Dec 21 19:50:23 CET 2013

Hello everybody,
I've relased the 0.7.1 version of python3-ldap. This release complete
the LDIF export feature.
I've developed a new strategy (STRATEGY_LDIF_PRODUCER) that you can
use to create a ldif stream for add, modify, delete and modifydn
operations. Operations are not really sent to the server but in the
response you get the ldif representation of the request, as per rfc

For example:
from ldap3 import Connection, STRATEGY_LDIF_PRODUCER
connection = Connection(server = None, clientStrategy =
STRATEGY_LDIF_PRODUCER)  # no need of real LDAP server
connection.add('cn=test-add-operation,o=test'), 'iNetOrgPerson',
{'objectClass': 'iNetOrgPerson', 'sn': 'test-add', 'cn':

in connection.response you will find:

version: 1
dn: cn=test-add-operation,o=test
changetype: add
objectClass: inetorgperson
sn: test-add
cn: test-add-operation

I've also fixed a bug in the autoReferrals where controls where
removed from subsequent operations.

Have fun,

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