[PythonCAD] Quadtrees and update

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu Aug 14 13:29:30 EDT 2003


I've found a little more documentation on quadtrees, so I've started
trying to cook up a Python implementation for these beasties. While
looking for info on them I've found information on other topics that
appear to be useful for PythonCAD so I've started investigating and
implementing these things as well. One topic is line clipping in a
region, and circle clipping as well. Clipping an entity into a region
had been implemented for some objects like construction lines, but not
for objects like segments and circles, so the plan is to add clipping
methods to these objects and use them when redrawing the screen and for
quadtree occupancy testing.

I've also been informed that PythonCAD and Python 2.3 don't play nicely
together. I'd hoped that there would not be any problem running
PythonCAD in the new version but it looks like there is. The problem
dealt with object initialization and is almost certainly an error in the
PythonCAD code. Has anyone on the list tried running PythonCAD with the
latest Python release?

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