[PythonCAD] Re: DWG reading file

Eric Wilhelm ewilhelm at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 31 19:03:45 EDT 2003

> The following was supposedly scribed by
> Guy Edwards
> on Saturday 30 August 2003 04:54 pm:

>downloaded all 14,000 or so DWG files Autodesk has public in their FTP
>site. (I'm testing batch conversion in our own app). I'll convert them
>to R14 and then test a few at a time.

You might like this script then.  This is a HUGE improvement on the little 
bash script that I posted earlier and will test all dwg files in a directory, 
keeping a record of STDERR and catching the last part of STDOUT (everything 
after the last "_reader()" ) in a logfile per drawing.

If a new version of dwg.py is being run, it reports on which files were 
successful in this run versus the last.  It also gzips the files to another 
directory, but you can disable that (and I've built it so that you have to at 
least open the code and change a few values or it won't run, so please edit 
the code as shown in the comments.)

You will need to set your path to python and dwg.py, as well as making a few 
directories and setting a few flags.

There is support for a "skip_these.txt" list of files to skip.  If the only 
thing on a line in that file matches a dwg filename, it will be skipped.


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