[PythonCAD] Communications - etc. - HPGL

Gary Moffatt gmoffatt at gt.rr.com
Fri Dec 5 13:06:58 EST 2003

First, drawings are usually of things we want to build and hopefully, in the 
future we will make robots to build them. This is particularly true in space, 
where the living conditions are non-existant. It is no accident that 
numerical control (NC) and HPGL are closely related - a plotter is a kind of 
robot. Fundamentally the concepts of HPGL should be directly supported in 
CAD, and a backend for HPGL should be easy. In terms of what is important, it 
seems to me the two frames paradigm for cropping and scaling is most 
important because it defines how the drawing relates to the paper, connecting 
the conceptual to the physical. Besides there are utilities that convert HPGL 
directly to Postscript. Applause for what you are doing. 
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