[PythonCAD] Subversion repo now accessible again

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Wed Dec 10 12:14:13 EST 2003


A short exchange with the subversion developers has provided me with
enough info to make the repo accessible again. I've just used the remote
repo to update a copy I keep on my machine here, so it looks like access
to the repo works for the time being.

The core problem I had with the remote repo is unresolved - it will not
read my local copy of the repository files. When the files are on the
remote repository I have to run an 'svnadmin recover' command, in effect
reconstructing these files on the remote machine. At that point the
files can be read, but the next update from my local machine makes them
unreadable again. I'll be using this workaround for the time being until
the problem is resolved.

The subversion binary on the new machine is the current development
version kept in their svn repo. I think you'll need a very recent
subversion binary to access the repo - 0.34.0 is the latest official
release and that should be fine. I'd recommend everyone using subversion
to upgrade to this release.

Let me know if you can get the files from the repository again.


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