[PythonCAD] Things to work on for next release

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu Jul 31 20:12:57 EDT 2003


Well now that the ninth release is out it is time to set up a few goals
for what to work on for the tenth release. I'm always going to add bug
fixes and documentation additions, so those two items don't count.
Improving the code robustness is also something I'm always aiming to do.

I've looked around a bit for approaches to hatching, and I'm still
coming up empty. Hatching is definitely one of the harder features I
want to see in PythonCAD. Printing is still lacking, too. These two
large deficiencies aside, I'm still trying to make the core program
better. An undo/redo approach is needed to implement that functionality,
and while I don't think the addition of this feature will be complete in
a single release, it would be good to see the groundwork begin.

One thing I'm definitely interested in seeing is an improved means of
storing the drawing entities. The current system uses a sorted list, and
requires the use of __cmp__ functions for the objects. I'm growing
concerned that this approach is not optimal and that a better means of
storing the objects in some manner exists. I've started to look at
things like BSP Trees, if for nothing else just to see what else is out
there. It would be great to get some suggestions for better approaches
than the one implemented now.

I'll send out more mail about other things I'm hoping to include for
the tenth release probably within a day or two.

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