[PythonCAD] Plans for eleventh release

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Fri Oct 17 12:46:04 EDT 2003


Now that the tenth release is out the door, the time is right to make an
estimation as to what will be in the eleventh release. I've been
tweaking the DWG/DXF code, and would like to have a DXF module similar
to the one for DWG present. It would be great to have a first cut at a
file importer for either or both of these formats. The DWG code is at a
point where this is feasible, but the DXF code isn't there yet.

I want to add an ellipse and elliptical arc entities to the program, and
some sort of spline line as well. These types of entities were planned
to be added, but had not as yet been done. As the DWG files have these
entities, now would be a good time to get them in.

The missing hatching and printing functionality still annoys me greatly,
but I haven't made any headway on either. I've tried to figure out some
sort of undo/redo mechanism as well, but haven't had any ideas on that
front. Ideas and suggestions welcomed.

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