[PythonCAD] New test drawings up

Guy Edwards guy_j_edwards at HotPOP.com
Mon Sep 1 01:46:17 EDT 2003

10 new DWGs are up, they cause errors with your new script.

Big improvement though.

Error rate previously was 100/940 = 10.6% error @ Sat 30th Aug.
Error rate is now 36/2218 = 1.62% error @ Sun 31st Aug

Please can you put a license header comment on your file?

Let me know when you're done with those,

On Sun, 2003-08-31 at 18:44, Art Haas wrote:
> ... with the version of the script attached to this mail. Thanks greatly
> for making them available. Lots of fixes in dimensions, spline, ellipse,
> and other entities in the DWG files.
> Art
Guy Edwards <guy_j_edwards at HotPOP.com>

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