[PythonCAD] DWG Format searching

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Sep 2 15:07:44 EDT 2003


The DWG file readers that I"ve written are for version R12, R13, and
R14. I have a file 'formatSpec13-15.rtf' from the OpenDWG people that
includes info about the R15 format, which is the AutoCAD 2000 format I
believe. I don't have a program that can convert the rtf file into
something more readable, so I'm going to ask a favor from someone and
see if they can convert the file into something like plain text or HTML
pages. Either is much more readable than rtf.

Also, I'm looking for info on older versions of the DWG format. The docs
I found on the R12 format say that this format is basically the same as
that in older Autocad releases - can anyone confirm this? I don't have
any files older than the R12 files I was mailed.

I'd also like to match up the Autocad release with the file format. Can
people correct and fill in the following table:

Autocad2000:R15 (?)

Have I missed releases, or made up versions that never shipped? How
about releases prior to Autocad9?

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