[PythonCAD] Subversion upgrade, public repo access, and R15 DWG reader

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu Sep 4 16:40:18 EDT 2003


I've updated my Subversion binary on my computer, and this update
required a dump/reload of the repo. I haven't do a resync to the remote
repository, but once I do I'll have to update the binary on the remote
machine. This message is therefore a "heads up" to those of you using
Subversion to access the repo that you'll probably need to upgrade to
the latest release, which seems to be 0.28.2.

Also, the site that hosts the PythonCAD web pages and public subversion
repository is moving. The guy that hosts the site is switching to a
newer, faster machine that has a better internet connection. After the
new machine is set up I'm going to go help get the Apache and Subversion
software installed, so access to the repo may be out for a short while.

On another note, I've started working on a reader for R15 format
drawings. This format is similar to the R13/R14 format, but there are
naturally enough differences to make things hard. I expect it will take
a day or two before I release this reader - it will be similar to the
R13/R14 reader in its operation until most of the bugs are worked out.

This reader is the last one that I have some documentation about the
file format. The Autocad 2004 format specs haven't been released by the
OpenDWG people, and judging by the comments on their site, the new
format is very complex.

I hope this mail goes through as mail through 'python.org' has been very
unpredictable lately.

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