[PythonCAD] No testers for R15 reader yet

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Sat Sep 6 10:26:33 EDT 2003

On Sat, Sep 06, 2003 at 10:16:34AM -0400, phrostie wrote:
> i don't have autocad 15.  12 was my last, but still  have friends in that 
> world.  how complex of drawings to you need?
> specific features?
> i can always ask.
> :-)


I have two R15 files myself, and these drawings have lines, circles,
arcs, text, and some other basic entities. I'd like to have a few more
drawings with more entities _and_ have small file sizes - it is quicker
to check a 50K drawing than a 500K drawing obviously.

I'd like to have some drawings with various dimensions, ellipses,
vertex, splines and other "exotic" entities. I would like a drawing with
a tolerance entity in it as I think the OpenDWG spec may have an error
in one of the fields in this object, or the spec uses an unfortunate
variable name for the entity. The spec says there is a text string as
one of the components of this object but uses a number reading function
to get the data - I think that should be a text reading function. I
don't think any of the drawings I have use a tolerance object.

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