[PythonCAD] DXF Reader ready for testing

Johan jante_nord at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 13:55:39 EDT 2003

I am amazed by the speed of development of all theese
.dwg and .dxf readers from Art.

Is it hard to convert theese readers to drawing
loaders for pythoncad ?

Do you feel that .dwg and .dxf export would be much
harder than import ?

 --- Art Haas <ahaas at airmail.net> wrote: > Hi.
> I've cooked up a DXF reader that is similar in
> spirit to the DWG file
> readers of the last week. This script does nothing
> other than print out
> the contents of the DXF file. I've run it on the DXF
> files I have and it
> prints out their contents without generating an
> error, so it's a good
> candidate for testing. The DXF files I have are R12,
> R13, R14, and R15
> formats.
> $ python /path/to/the/dxf/file/for/testing.dxf
> [ ... lots of output ... ]
> Please mail me if you can test this script. The
> script file is only 8.5
> K in size - tiny compared to the DWG readers.
> Dealing with the
> text-based nature of these DXF files is much, much
> simpler than the
> binary DWG files. Yes, there are binary DXF files as
> well, but I'm going
> to stick with text DXF files for the time being.
> This file will get
> larger as future iterations do more than just print
> data out, obviously,
> but Python's ease at handling text and the design of
> the DXF format
> makes writing a DXF reader rather easy.
> Thanks in advance for testing this.
> Art
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