[PythonCAD] New stuff in repo, but beware!

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Aug 3 01:03:48 CEST 2004

Sounds scary! I've updated the code in the public repo, and you can get
your first glimpse at the currently very primitive printing code as well
as some new text code. The printing code adds a 'Print Screen' menu
choice as well as a normal 'Print' choice. Both choices are currently
hard coded to generate a file called '/tmp/pycad.ps' for an 8.5"x11"
piece of paper in portrait mode. A proper 'Print' menu choice will have
a dialog box letting you select the paper size, portrait or landscape
mode, as well as an option to print to a file or send the print to a
printer via some command like 'lpr'.

The new text code is a reworking of the current TextStyle and TextBlock
classes, and the new code is less convoluted than the older text code,
as well as more similiar in class heirarchy to other bits of code in the
program. The text stuff is stil changing heavily, so if you update your
code with to what's in the repo, expect some odd behavior.

I don't usually check in code that is still changing as much as I expect
the text and printing code to do, but I'm going to be working away from
home for a bit, and I want my current code accessible via 'svn update'.

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