[PythonCAD] Post-twentieth release plans

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu Dec 23 15:51:03 CET 2004


Now that the twentieth release is out, it's time to look at where to go
next. There are a couple of fixes of various bugs already in the public
subversion repository, a few of which I wish I'd caught prior to sending
the release, but they'll be in the next release. One change I'm planning
on making is removing the 'mute' argument from startUndo(). In hindsight
the default muting of an entity during an undo operation was wrong, so
you'll see that startUndo() is called with a 'False' argument. There
were two calls where it was invoked with 'True', but they've been fixed.
I also want to enhance the file storage so that the locked or visible
state of an entity is saved. Currently that is not the case, but as the
interface doesn't make it easy to lock or hide individual entities the
lack of file save support hasn't been an issue.

I'm tentatively planning the next release to occur around the middle of
January as the changes I've listed above are relatively small.

Also, I've upgraded Subversion again on the machine hosting the public
repository. The new binary still returns a '1.2.0-dev' release, but it
is current as of yesterday (Dec. 22).

Happy New Year to everyone!

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