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On Thu, 5 Feb 2004 11:55:15 +0100  from a terminal far far away "Rafael"
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>> Hey congrats,
>> Not having Windows I could not check.
>> Would the same path apply across the various flavours of 'doze.
>> (i.e 98 - XP ) ?
>The path to the GTK libraries should be set as a variable in the system
>path and it depends on the exact directory where each one decides to
>install GTK. This is explained in the GTK installation docs.
>This patch hardcodes the default path, but some people (like me) don't
>always use default paths.
>Perhaps that code snippet could go into a README.win32
yes It probably is a good idea :)

Sorry I can not validate this .. no 'doze box here (at the moment).
(gave away my crossover cable :(

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