[PythonCAD] Looking for DXF help

Eric Wilhelm ewilhelm at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 10 22:04:48 EST 2004

> The following was supposedly scribed by
> Steve Hall
> on Tuesday 10 February 2004 05:44 pm:

> I have a GPL [expensive, proprietary]CAD script
>project that is getting ready to release, and it will maintain links
>to the tons of helpful GPL projects I continue to find. (Like
>The OpenDWG project is as closed source as it can be, and I don't know
>if I've ever found a single clearinghouse for reverse engineering the
>.DWG or .DXF doc formats. If Free CAD software is ever going to make a
>dent in the market, we need to organize a bit better, and collect
>information a bit more centrally.

I'd love to see this central information collection.

If you aren't on the cad-linux mailing list, you might want to go through the 
archives, and phrostie's page

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