RV: [PythonCAD] Looking for DXF help

Rafael Villar Burke pachiburke at terra.es
Wed Feb 11 05:59:54 EST 2004

Steve Hall wrote:

>Has anyone here ever written extensions for A___CAD using Python? I've
>heard some stand-alone/static binaries could be compiled for Win32
>from Python, but is this crazy talk? Of course, ALisp can run and
>return from binaries, but is this reasonable?
>I'm itching to get into Python, and writing tools which could be
>reused across CAD packages (like the thread-starting DXF inquiry)
>would make a *huge* amount of sense if it helps us all migrate some
I suppose you already know pyacad. It's a python wrapper to the 
A***CAD/IntelliCAD  API.  Its home page is located at 
Yet, I don't know any project based on this wrapper.

Cheers, (also from the freearchitecture mailing list ;)

Rafael Villar Burke

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