[PythonCAD] yaml-based uber-converter db format

Doug Speckhard dspeckhard at bcj.com
Tue Jul 20 19:24:04 CEST 2004

Eric Wilhelm wrote:

> For those that haven't been watching OpenDWG, they are now OpenDesign, since 
> they have a dgn-lib.  I haven't looked at this, but there's not a lot of need 
> for Microstation compatibility on my horizon.  (Are they publishing a dgn 
> spec?)

Yes, Bentley has posted a spec for the OpenDGN standard, but you have to 
sign a license/NDA agreement, which is somewhat more restrictive than 
the OpenDesign.org membership that you have to sign to get the libraries 
themselves. Also note that unlike the other OpenDesign libraries, the 
OpenDGN libraries are available for Windows only.

The agreement can be downloaded here: 


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