[PythonCAD] Subversion upgrade shortly

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Mar 16 11:19:08 EST 2004


Just today I've installed a new release of Subversion on my machine.
I've got the 1.1.0-dev build installed, and will be upgrading the
subversion binary on the public repository today or tomorrow. So, if you
are running older subversion releases, I encourage you to upgrade to a
newer release. The Subversion team has released the 1.0.1 release, so
if you want to track that branch then do so. For the time being I'm
going to stick with the 'trunk' of Subversion development - or in
CVS-speak what is typically refered to as the HEAD. I figure the
Subversion developers have been very careful to ensure that users of the
1.0 branch can work seamlessly with users of the trunk.

Also, I'd been out this last weekend, so not much was accomplished. I'm
still plodding along on the undo stuff, though it has been one step
forward the one step back lately.

When the subversion binary on the machine hosting the public repo
changes I'll send a message to list.

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