[PythonCAD] More undo/redo work in the repo

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Mon May 17 10:12:05 EDT 2004


Looks like the mailing list is up and working again.

Over the weekend I sent a number of changes up to the public
repository. The undo/redo stuff now works fairly well when moving
entities around in a drawing. The changes to get this ability
working are the first to activate the various entity history log
classes, such as the SegmentLog, CircleLog, etc.

Also, the history of an entity is preserved if the entity is deleted, so
an 'undo' operation that recreates a deleted entity will also restore
the prior operations on that newly recreated entity. To demonstrate
this, create a segment, then move it. Now, 'undo' the move, and 'undo'
again to remove the segment from the drawing. Now, 'redo' once to
recreate the segment, and 'redo' again and the segment should move again
back to wherever the first segment went.

The undo/redo stuff for dimensions is still lacking, as is the case for
things like fillets and chamfers, so I'll be working on those things
this week. All in all, I'm pleased with how the undo/redo stuff is
moving along, and I'm still targeting the next release to be at the end
of this month.

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