[PythonCAD] Latest changes at repo

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Nov 9 20:23:53 CET 2004


I've sent a few more changes up to the public Subversion repo. A problem
reported on the mailing list about loading the preferences has been
fixed, and a recently introduced bug where dimensions loaded from a file
would be the wrong color has been fixed. I'd sent other change over the
last week or two, and those changes were usually small bug fixes.

I am making progress with enhancing the printing of dimensions. I've got
code in place that will print out the endpoint markers on a dimension,
though this code is not yet in the repo. It should make it out within a
day or two.

My plans are to make the next release either at the end of this week or
sometime next week. More info later.

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