[PythonCAD] Post nineteenth release plans

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Tue Nov 16 16:24:31 CET 2004


Now that the shortlived eighteenth release and bug-fix nineteenth
release are out, work on the twentieth release begins. Users of the
Cocoa front end will find the nineteenth releaes is not usable, as the
changes I'd made were insufficient to make that front-end work again
after the code movement several releases ago. Fortunately a patch was
sent to me that fixed many of the problems, but the Cocoa front end is
still not completely fixed. The patch has been commited, and I've synced
the public repo up so subversion users on Cocoa can get it.

I'm wanting to reexamine the way that files are saved in the next
release. The current approach is not as robust as I like, and although a
backup copy is made before saving a file, should the file save fail for
any reason you are left with an invalid file and you have to manually
rename the backup copy back to the original name. A better approach
would be to save the file with a temporary name, and if that save is
successful then make the backup and rename the temporary file to the
correct name. This way, the existing file is not tampered with until the
new file has been completely saved, so any glitches in saving the new
file will not require you to rename a backup copy.

Other than fixing bugs, I don't have any immediate plans for what else
to try and get in the next release. Some suggestions have been mailed to
me, and a few of them may appear. By the way, I'm targetting the middle
to end of December for the twentieth release.

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