[PythonCAD] TextBlock text size changing now in repo

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu Sep 9 20:16:09 CEST 2004


Today's repo update has the first appearance of code allowing you to
change the size of the text in a TextBlock. TextBlocks can be selected
via the 'Edit' -> 'Select All' menus or by 'Edit' -> 'Select', then
clicking on the TextBlock. Then, go to the 'Modify' -> 'Change' ->
'Text' menu and chose 'Size' (currently the only active choice). Type
in the new size, and the selected TextBlock(s) have their size

I expect many of the other inactive menu choices for changing the
TextBlock properties to get activated shortly. There will also be some
upcoming modifications to the Preferences dialog that will allow you to
set the text size to something other than the default 1.0.

The longstanding problem of now clearly showing the selected entities
is not yet solved, unfortunately. Also, the dialog box that pops up
allowing you to change the size uses spinbox, and I suspect this will
change to an entry box at some point.

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