[PythonCAD] Consistency in operations in PythonCAD

Petko Yotov 5ko at free.fr
Tue Dec 13 18:33:38 CET 2005

Hello, Art,

On Autocad and Intellicad ou can perform the action both ways: either first 
chosing an action (ex. move) and then the program asks to select objects, 
then select vector or 2 points; or first selecting objects and then chosing 
the action (keyboard or menu), then the program asks to select the vector.

Stretching/moving is quite easy as an object can be selected and a "grip" on a 
corner (for stretching) or in the middle (for moving) can be dragged with the 
mouse. When the drag operation starts, you can chose 2 points or a vector 
just like the "select-action" mode.

There is an alpha IntelliCAD edition for Linux/Wine that you may test. 
IntelliCAD is almost an AutoCAD clone and behaves similarly. Two editors 
currently, I tested the first one.



On Tuesday 13 December 2005 17:59, Art Haas wrote:
> Hi.
> The recent discussion and patches regarding changing move operations to
> require first selecting the entities and then specifying the
> displacement(s) warrants more discussion. For move operations, I think
> that the proposed changes are worthwhile, but I'd like to hear from
> people familiar with other CAD packages, particularly AutoCAD, how
> similar operations are performed. Does the program require you to select
> entities first, or do you start some move command mode and then specify
> which entities will be moved? How about other operations like entity
> stretching or splitting?

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