[PythonCAD] Consistency in operations in PythonCAD

Wilbert Knol w.knol at niwa.co.nz
Thu Dec 15 20:09:34 CET 2005

> Do pcb and/or gschem have 
> some sort of entry widget where you can type commands?

They don't - so I guess that's why they get away with the global key bindings. It is just that it is such a nice feature...keep your right hand on the mouse 
and quickly zoom up with the left hand by hitting 'z' repeatedly.

I have not yet used the pythonCAD command line, but I can see it may not be possible to have both features.

> Art

Something else - a bit off-topic : I have just updated with svn:

[wk at wk pythoncad]$ svn update
U  PythonCAD/Interface/Gtk/gtkentities.py
C  PythonCAD/Interface/Gtk/gtkmenus.py
U  PythonCAD/Interface/Gtk/gtkmirror.py
U  PythonCAD/Generic/tools.py
U  PythonCAD/Generic/mirror.py
U  PythonCAD/Generic/leader.py
C  PythonCAD/Generic/graphicobject.py
Updated to revision 2102.
[wk at wk pythoncad]$

... and pythoncad no longer runs:
(best viewed with line wrap turned off)

[wk at wk pythoncad]$ ./gtkpycad.py
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./gtkpycad.py", line 35, in ?
    from PythonCAD.Generic import imageio
  File "/home/wk/.subversion/pythoncad/PythonCAD/Generic/imageio.py", line 36, in ?
  File "/home/wk/.subversion/pythoncad/PythonCAD/Generic/layer.py", line 31, in ?
  File "/home/wk/.subversion/pythoncad/PythonCAD/Generic/segment.py", line 30, in ?
  File "/home/wk/pythoncad/PythonCAD/Generic/graphicobject.py", line 245
    <<<<<<< .mine
IndentationError: expected an indented block
[wk at wk pythoncad]$


I did apply Stuart's patch a few days ago, so perhaps I should do a clean install first.


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