[PythonCAD] Plans for next release

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Wed Jan 12 22:42:16 CET 2005


It's time once again to figure out what to work on in preparation for
the next release. Aside from bug fixes, I know I want to look at two
areas. First, I need to look at using super() when a subclass calls an
overriden or extended method in a superclass. There are no uses of
super() in the code right now, and based on some recent reading (as well
as a thread or two in the Python development mailing list), I think that
the code should be using super() instead of the current means of calling
a parent class's method. A little experimentation will be needed to
see just what needs to be changed and what sort of fallout happens.
The second thing I want to look at is the way that objects get connected
to messages, in particular the way the handler method is specified in a
connect() call. Currently the handler is specified as 'class.method',
but, again after reading a thread on the Python development list, I'm
wondering if this should be changed to be 'self.method'. Again, some
experimenting will be needed to see what happens if this change is made,
and what consequences result from it.

I'd also like to start cleaning up some of the PyGTK warnings, so
probably the first thing to be addressed is using a ComboBox in place of
the deprecated OptionMenu. This appears to be relatively simple to do.

Comments welcomed.

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