[PythonCAD] Latest changes available at the public repo

Art Haas ahaas at airmail.net
Thu Jan 20 23:39:16 CET 2005


There have been numerous changes made over the last couple of days,
though mostly they are changes consolidating common bits of code into
functions and then calling the function. The 'util' module now has
two new routines:

get_float(): ensure a float value is stored in a variable 
test_boolean(): validate a boolean variable

These two routines are just convenient functions that reduce the total
lines of code by providing commonly used code tests in one place.

I've also started fiddling around with the Interface code by using the
gtk.ComboBox widget in place of the gtk.OptionMenu widget. If you are
running a version of PyGTK of 2.4 or later the code will use the
ComboBox, but code running under earlier PyGTK releases will still 
use the OptionMenu. I'm running PyGTK 2.4.1 from Debian unstable, so on
my machine I used to see lots of DeprecationWarnings when an dialog with
OptionMenu widgets appeared. I'm happy to say I don't see them anymore,
but there may be one or two still lurking around, and if so then they'll
be fixed shortly. I'm going to look at using the new ColorButton widget
inplace of the currently used Button/DrawingArea approach.

A few bugs have been fixed as well, as they were found during the
changes made over the last couple of days.

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